Coronavirus Politics

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Coronavirus cases have moved south, to more republican states. Early lack of mask ordinances, too soon re-opening, and a culture of not being as worried about coronavirus all contributed to these states having more cases in the June resurgence of United States coronavirus cases. However, pandemics flourish with density and the dense urban areas of these republican dominated states tend to be liberal, regardless of the state around them. So even though the coronavirus may have moved to more republican states that did not mean that the coronavirus was actually affecting republicans more. It would make sense that the cities in these more relaxed states would still be hardest hit, which means that even though these states are run by republicans, the people suffering more from the coronavirus rampaging within them would be the more liberal, more urban people.

As can be seen from the map below, despite case numbers being large in states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona, cases as a whole dominate in democratic counties. This reflects a continued density first coronavirus outbreak, and shows that despite the virus moving south, the demographics of the people affected have largely remained constant.

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